Musically Inspired

Walking into a school,

What do you see?

All the trophy cases full of the awards won decades ago.

Look at those teams now,

What do you see?

Losing. That’s what.

If you walk in farther,

What do you see?

My school has been a blue ribbon school of music,

Not one time but three.

Us “music geeks” have done more than these jocks have, but we get no recognition.

Music is what we do; singing it, playing it, conducting it.

We all dream a certain dream, some of us go a different path.

Dreaming of a stage and singing out my powerful lyrics,

It may not be practical but it’s my dream.

Without music, what would this school do to me?

Would they force me to join a sport? Be something I’m not?

As long as I’ve known, music is what I want to do.

It’s who I am, it’s what I know.

No sport can take place of my love for music.

Without it, I’m barely living.

I’m a walking ghost of someone who once was.

There’s no rhythm in my step, no theme music when I walk in a room.

A silence beat to a broken melody in my heart.

Without music, I’m nothing.

Why can’t this school see?

Not only the sports kids have dreams.


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