Music Matters

Sat, 02/15/2014 - 19:48 -- ngrimes


as i picked up my dad's guitar 

i thought

"yeah, i got this"

and i wowed the audience with a flawless rendition of puff the magic dragon

drawing my influences from the 1973 gibson itself


at least, thats how i wanted it to go, 

but that didn't last long.

so as it turns out, i have no musical talent

... awkward.


but that doesn't stop me for a second

from making a playlist a day with titles ranging from

"sad old man sitting alone in a bathrobe music"


"fuck the world i need some space get off my back music"


because no matter what my level of abilty is (low to none),

i know there are always going to be amazing musicians to draw inspiration from

and they need someone to guide them


my name is natalie grimes and i am going to be an artist manager

the number of times i have to explain exactly what that is

will be directly proportionate to the number of times i remember how determined i am

to make this dream become a reality

because music matters to me




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