The Music Industry

When one takes a look 
At all these young pop stars
Who are picked up at a young age,
Still figuring out who they are,
But the industry wrecks them,
Crams culture down their throats,
Making music that doesn’t matter
Until one day they choke
On all the superficial, artificial
Lies that they spoke
Up on stage, singing all these words
The industry wrote.
They start making bad decisions
That reflects on their image
And pretty soon it’s all people talk about
‘til the day that they’re finished.
And then we move on
To something fresh, a new view.
That’s the only word that matters, right?
“New, new, new!”
The industry knows that,
That’s why they’re in control,
And they mess with your minds
So that they’re playing the role
Of every person in the country
All summed up into one,
And they think they can create
A new definition of “fun.”
Well here’s something new,
Having music reflect YOU,
Instead of singing a song that
You don’t know the meaning to,
But doesn’t matter ‘cause
That’s what they’ve been listening to
And in order to fit in,
That’s what I’ve gotta do too.
In the end it means nothing,
Nothing at all,
And the amount of things you stand for
End up being small.
So find music that makes you actually
Want to stand tall,
Not music that you heard
A billion times at the mall.


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