Music and what it means to me

Music and what it means to me


I love all the sounds that hit my ears whether it be music or birds or the sounds of the deers.


I wonder how with music a picture can form, emerging from the thoughts, maybe something to learn.


I hope the music I play shows something new everyday no matter what I may play.


If only the time I spent here will exist somewhere quite near so that I can be dear to the ones I hold here.


I think as I wake about the sounds I may make, to the note of a key to the sound of a bee, to the sound of the sea I hear only the.


If only i knew the language of the two, two hands will make new, new sounds with the tool.


I’m afraid of the lack of practice will lack the actions between two hands, moving from a fast dance to slow hands.


This school year will be dear to me and everything I hear, as I play and say every note that  may lay in mind.


My family pushes me to achieve not just to succeed but to surpass the past of the hard and rash.


I want to change  brainwashing music to a music of passion and  music of action through words that mean relation.


My friends that love to join as I play, make beautiful music most night and through day.


Im worried about the not having enough time to finish a line or a rhyme, to finish all school even though it’s not always cool.


More than ever I want the best education I can get so that my music can sound legit.

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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