Three line segments sat in space.


they kissed three invisible vertices.

The moment they touched, the vertices could be seen

They shone like


We saw the constellation,

The triangle seemed like very far,

but it is within our range.

We named it



I was speaking with Archimedes,

he would take a piece of Change,

the third segment of the triangle constellation

and fill it with stone to make it strong.

“With a lever large enough and a place to stand,

[he] could lift the world.”


If I could use Change

to lift the world from where we sit in the mud,

I would change the way we look at mud.

I would take everything bad and make it good.

A broken heart isn't damaged forever,

It's just waiting for Mr. Right to make it better.


In Slaughter-House 5 by Kurt Vonnegut,

“Billy Pilgrim was a funny-looking child,

shaped like a bottle of coca-cola.”

Page twenty-three.

But if Billy was a girl, then


would love him.

But Billy is a boy, and God is just.

Billy isn't funny-looking, you are just looking at him funny.

Look at him like God looks at him,

and if we are all looking at God,

then Billy is not out of ordinary,

he's extraordinary.


An extraordinary world can only be complete with extraordinary content.

Tell me this life on Earth is not extraordinary,

when the sky is not blue

or speckled with light

through the night

so we can see.


Tell me this world is not extraordinary when birds do not sing

and baby hearts are not beating in our arms,

when the sun does not burn

and our breathe

does not fill our chest with fresh air and



If I could use Change to make the world

a better place,

I wouldn't change the world.

I would change the people:

switch our eyes with our brains,

so we look at the world with intelligence

and think of the world with beauty.

I wouldn't change the world,

I would change the people.


Three line segments sat in space.

The biggest, prettiest, most messed up place.

Together, they


three invisible vertices.

They shine like stars,

we can see the constellation.

We named it Change.  


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