Much To Be Written


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Much to Be Written


There's so much to be written 

when it comes to a broken life

a life that is forbidden,


Dark Angel was always an asshole

He loves to cut at the soul;

He tells me stories of long ago,


A time way before I was born,

there has always been much challenges

to beat away the sins,

that duck behind the darkness,


A wedding that taken place

A wedding that holds no grace,

to the old blind man that given me away,


Oh, do you hear the old black bell ring?

Ding, dong, ding-dong

Oh, how the time is passing in a place

Of hate and darkness,


If one was to die in this life of darken dream

call it a blessing from me,

the grave is a resting place

where true love is blessed and forgiven,


Dark Angel, would always say to me,

Oh, sleep my love sleep,

Up in the darken old castle is my cold room

On the very top where a candle is always lit,


Tears are always flowing with time,

Hoping one day true Love

will take me away.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1982

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