To much to bare


I was that quiet girl that never spoke

who never lied and never took 

I never cried and never smiled

who never had a chance to go to trial 

I had the bruises you never saw 

the scratch marks from the monsters claws

I knew you but you didn't know me 

you was always drunk and sleeping

you raped and beat me every day you could 

something I never understood 

I loved you but not like you loved me 

something that no one could ever see

I want a family and children with you 

but that was something I didnt have a chance to do 

I tried to leave 

and you caught me 

you yelled and screamed and kept hitting 

you never stopped to my screaming 

now im bloodied and dying on the floor

you grab a beer and and say get up you whore 

I don't listen and you hit me again 

my heartbeat is faint and tears slide down my chin

I will never give birth to the child I hold 

I will never be able to age and grow old 

But one thing for sure is you will never hurt anyone again 

for WE are gone and you are in prison 







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