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Look what you made me do
Better yet, look what I have done
I have traveled too far and long
To see who I am, and who I have become
You could barely find
A hint of happiness being found in my eyes
Redundant in my lies
Constant pain
See It was I.
All along feeling sorry and lonely.
Needy of someone to hold me.
Console me.
Spend time, Show me.
What I thought was love
But, It was
A figment of my imagination
Hearts I've destroyed and taken.
Emotions that need more than healing
The crime I've done for many years still haunts my soul.
Actions that are better than what is being told.
Sold, in the illusion of happily ever after
But my fairytale is far from ending its first chapter.
Trap Her
Let her go through this fantasy of pain
Let every man she comes across break her frame
Her self respect
Her name
The intellect in her brain
Until she realizes what she is capable of acheiving
Anything in her past, just leave it
Dream Big
Believe it.
Believe in your success and no one else
In the end
Nothing is holding you back, but yourself.



I love the play on words in the title of this poem, and I think the last line is the most powerful. It is so true, that the only way we are going to get where we want to be in life is if we try our hardest! If you are interested in writing poems about goals for the future, our just being yourself, check out tips for writing about "something you want to accomplish" under the "resources" section of the site!

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