Ms. Maya Angelou


Ms. Angelou I read many of your stories and poems./ No one is great as you are./ Not many know how wonderful you are./ You lived a long life of amzing adventures./ From the sad days to the glorious days,/ you will never be forgotten./ Rest In Peace Ms. Angelou./ God has blessed you in this long life you lived./ You inspired many readers, poets and had been an idol to so many people./ Out of 4 billion people in the world,/ you shown us how to be having our heads high and how God blesses us in so much love./ Ms. Angelou you have been a friend to us all through the greatest work you have done and touched our hearts with your words of magic./ Ms. Maya Angelou you will never be forgotten and you always be in our history as the greatest woman who ever lived./ Rest In Peace Ms. Maya Angelou gone so soon but you always be in my heart remembering you as my friend.


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