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it looks in my eyes
pleading me to use em but I tell him no I refuse but he knows my words were all lies
I can't find myself to take any steps away so I join him seeing his effects
so much from a small object
I got to say he's a very sharp man
he'll make my skin shred into find soft sand
he so bright
he'll reflect off the sunlight
it's a sad depress fools tool
to keep his emotional calm and cool
he'll never carry my pain and blood stains
when my brain is in pain
as I push him against my vain
coming across people lying when I explain
he gives me the need to bleed
my pain slowly stop as blood drops
a shady shifty behavior from my new friend Mr. Razor
-Alex Siordia

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alex siordia

Please tell me your opinion and like please poetry is what I enjoy doing and expresses my thoughts and pain. Thank you


I understand your words
meaning through and through
Beautiful it is to read
*hugs* today for you


very powerful

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