Mr. Imagination


Mr. Imagination stands at the top of the mountain.

He lives among the pastel clouds,

who smile each time he acknowledges them.

A rainbow bridges the clouds together

and Mr. Imagination dances up and down the rainbow

with gleaming radiance.

The end of rainbow has a pot

where new gold coins are created in

after he descends off the rainbow.


I remember the one time

he allowed me to accompany him.

On the rainbow and clouds, we

frolicked feverishly,

jumped jubilantly,

and admired alluring asteroids & stars.

He told me a secret

that many people could not figure out.

At night,

he jumps on the clouds

with grimace and apathy.

The gold coins originated have

refined, rough edges

with a black cloud on each face.


On the day I departed from his high kingdom,

he wore a

green suit jack,

red top hat,

blue pants,

white shirt,

black shoes,

orange tie,

and yellow belt.

His perfectly spherical eyes spun around

like a tick tock clock

I asked him

“Mr. Imagination, why can I not do certain things?”

He responded with something I will not forget.

He said,

“I gave you the ability to do your calling with



and admiration.

Never steer your path

because your rainbow is at the end.

Go and perform.”


As I descended

from the mountain

and its numerous steps,

Mr. Imagination bestowed

a profuse amount of

gold coins.

Day and night coins.

He screamed

“These are from our time together on the rainbow.

Use them wisely.”


I need to revisit him soon.



How wonderful! :) Using my imagination is my favorite pasttime,

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