Mr. Brown


Click Clack! Sweat was sliding down my face
Bang! I was reflecting about the actions taken that wiped me without a trace.
Now, I am looking down from these white cloud skies
At all the chaos of the unarmed men crying goodbyes.
Filled with unanswered questions I wonder about Mr. King
He said, we are fighting this war to commence the declassifying.

For the color of my skin that holds years of judgment
Unfairly accusations, suffering pain and injustice is constant.
Just a silver badge with a title and some clothes
Elevated to human rights abuse that followed.
Many of us make mistakes through life, we learn and grow
Did it have to be taken to full measures when I received that blow?

I refuse to complain of what took place
Lives are ending because of brutality with no whiteface.
Boom, Boom, Aghh! are the sounds we hear of a dead man down
So are you doing the job or taking advantage through the whole town?
The problem started with racism and has dispersed as violence
While innocent unarmed civilians are protesting in silence!

With all the noise what’s in the ruins lies confusion and miseries
Authorities have elevated to the road crossing the all the boundaries.
Do not stand behind, rise for our rights and values
Gather the evidence so solutions make way to these issues.
Equality, justice and peace have fallen upside-down
But everywhere hope and love calls for the people to speak for Mr. Brown.

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One of my best poems yet! I put a lot of effort into this I hope everyone enjoys and undersands the messages.

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