With candlestick, pen, and paper

A youth my age formulates music that continues to amaze

Generation after generation.


Here are bonafide works of art.

While many believe it rattles bones and palpitates hearts,

I think it is truly hilarious!


Think about his long elegant phrases

And then along comes high staccatos

To bump the song along

Its merry way.

Moderately and calmly a melody lulls a babe—

--WHAM! A sforzando,

Only to be followed by a subito piano,

Another hush, and a gentle ritardando.


It’s the work of a comical genius.

Some look at his work as if it were only prestigious,

And thus I would be regarded as facetious.

But Mozart was just so devious!

He frustrates fingers,

And forces musicians to linger

Over the complexities of his work

As skilled artists struggle with primary chords!


Oh, how you must smirk, Mozart,

At your complex musical tricks! 

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