People hurting people

It happens every day

It's a part of living

Nothing more to do or say

Well, it's up to us to change


Justice and injustice,

Abuse and assault

To keep yourself in darkness

Is the cowards way out


You can hide from life

Or you can stand up and do something

Change is imminent, unavoidable

So fight back if you're able

The pot has boiled and is full


Your opinion counts, even if no one agrees

It's about what's right and wrong,

It's about what you believe


Let's break it down

Step by step

Let's make a leap

And say that we lept


Take pride in progress, and make more out of less


Cause this institution needs a movement

We've got people dying for no reason more than circumstance,

Or being a different kind of the same human

And many ready to take a stand


This institution needs uprootment

And people to stick to it

Cause it's causing confusion

Among most of us broke, college students

Learning, learning, and losing


Time, place

Race, face

Money and protection

The deepest ends of the same spectrum,

Pinned together in poisonous inperfection


The revolutiion is coming

Let's stand for what we always should stand for

It's been a long time running,

And it doesn't have to be a bloody war


It starts with humility

And kindness, so the children see

More good than the generations previously


When there are people dying because of ignorance

And there hasn't seemed to be much difference

How could you continue to not listen in?

So many live in such excess,

Steered since they were born through this endless process


While people meer blocks away struggle through each night and day

To get the damn bills paid

Many because of their race,

Or the simple fact that they were born

And they were raised

Keep in mind,

None of us asked to be made


This is a call to ears and minds,

Who make for themselves these busy lives

I ask a favor, can you reflect?

On this neglect, and its effect on the families of the innocent,

So-called "suspects"

Recollect and protect those born in innocence, in ignorance

Because in some sense,

We're all stuck in this same existence

So, please, I beg for justice

End this cycle of belligerence

Crawl up and out of your indifference

Unlock our intertwinned significane

Together we can make a difference!





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