Motivation to Succeed

A cloud of smoke suffocating this generation

Drugs and Alchol seems to be the only way out of this rotation

Flirting with depression and anxiety

before we even flirted with compound words in our diary

Addicted to attention because its the only way we know we matter

Her diary is not filled with her childhood crush but of her childhood attacker

Society screaming that it was her fault

Thats its normal because almost every girl has experienced sexual assult

That he was tempted to ruin her innocence and thats all she was good for any way

That her story doesnt matter because young boys too have been prey

But Ive seen more young boys shot on the street than used like a peice of meat

Young boys who had their hands up but still became part of the line up

Of bodies in the morgue or bodies in the jail system,i still dont see the diffrence

How can we motivate ourselves to succeed,

When there are so many outside forces trying so hard to see us bleed?


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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