mother's words


United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W
United States
40° 53' 19.4604" N, 73° 50' 52.0332" W

you are like the moon
the late spring flower that blooms
you radiate at night
as you release your light

you are the butterfly
ready to fly and not shy
flapping your wings and keeping your head high
you know nothing will hinder your flight
strong willed you are
chasing your dreams to be a star
not waiting for any permission
you set out in your adventurous mission

when the rude coward
come to turn your smile downwards
you look at them sternly
with pride and certainly
that they become afraid
now that their charade has faded
you know you won the battle
with no struggle or hassle

you have grown to become your own
don't let anyone push you around
but learn to stand your ground
whenever you don't know what to do
or are feeling lost and confused
my arm are open ready for you
to guide you in wisdom and truth



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

beautifully written piece

all the metaphors you use to compare it with your mom is meaningful

great job and keep writing




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