The Mother's Tale

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 17:21 -- kal999


Excuse her if she was not alright

With government taking children’s light

Filling their heads with things they never should have said

She could teach her student one better if she was lying in bed

Her child would get better grades and education

“This school is a bust; oh the mortification”

She was living where schoolwork always came second

The dances, assemblies and breaks that beckoned

The calendars of both her and her daughter, insensible noise

That distracted from school time was always poised

“It wasn’t when I was a young girl in school,

Our board leader was never distracted with cool”

Mother said of this nonsense without education

“My school led me right to the very train station

Where I met my love and my college was finished”

 It was all worth it but school now is diminished

 She held belief in nothing with a new leader in charge

If things didn’t change fast she was going to barge

Straight into the school with complaints in her hand

And make sure to see exactly where it lands

Others may argue that she was protective, but I know where she stands

“Education will not go uneducated; no I won’t let these bands

Of crazy young hooligans ruin my child

And her promising future that would be far from mild”

If only the educators cared a little bit more

She thought her daughter was smarter than the things they’d have in store

She didn’t need extra activities

Just a solid education that fit with her needs

The world is her oyster if they do their job

But the schools in her city caused poor mother to sob

With the future of all new generations at risk

I hope that some of this new tale does stick

To all you who listen, surely beware

 Education is crumbling and it should be a scare





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