Formed and molded into the foundation of life and creation:
Mothers are a Godly creation.
Conditioned unconditionally,
Mother's guide and nurture life to and past maturity
Creating a bond match by no other.
Including father, sister, or brother.
Picture her( other than Jesus)
She's the closest you can come to a portrait of Love's perfection.
Always Illuminating warm and Purity in her affection.
Her in her heart and outer frame are one in the same.
The one we should always loved and never blame.
The Bible says to honor and cherish her for anything less than an entire lifetime is a crime.
I say there a Biblical blessing in with their mere presence they honor time.
Mothers thank you for giving us your all
all of the time.
And to my mom, thank you for being mine.

This poem is about: 
My family


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