Motherless Daughter

A girl's best friend isnt diamonds. It isnt money. Really it isnt anything materialistic

A girl's best friend is her mother

And a girl's worst enemy is her mother when she is a teen and feels she is nothing like her mother

Despite having the same hair and eye color as her. Same language. Same gestures

Hell even same illnesses.

A girls best friend becomes her mother when she realizes how beautiful it is to be like her mother

An honor really.

Her mother becomes her best friend some times moments too late

Her worst enemy is no longer even a person

A girl's worst enemy is the tumor growing in her mothers head.

A girl's worst nightmare is to lose her best friend

What does she do when she has these nightmares?

She runs to her best friend for the sweet hugs and laughter. The unconditonal love.

You never know how much it impacts you.

A girl's nightmare slowly starts to become reality

The harsh part is it is never all at once

It happens all at once

You watch your best friend dwindle down

Till you lose your best friend.

A girl's best friend also is her teacher, though she never admitted she followed what her best friend taught like a word of gospel

She teaches you many things and everything

The one thing she doesn't teach you is how to be a motherless daughter

She doesnt teach you or even tells you that your now go to mother for advice is a computer screen at 2 am

Googling how to deal with breakups and engagements

She doesnt teach you how to be a bride while being a motherless daughter

Or how you can tell your kids in the future they can't meet one of the most inspirational women of your life

You read books and google away all while your new title starts to get carved in the cement

You fight to be the woman who she wanted you to be

Even though that means you are becoming more like her.

You are no longer just a daughter.

You are a motherless daughter.

And that can't change no matter how many times you beg for it to.

No matter how many things you regret.

You will always be a motherless daughter, like me.

This poem is about: 
My family


Jan Wienen

Thank you ...


Thank you for takling the time to read the poem. Peace be with you <3


I know exactky how you feel!


Thank you for takling the time to read the poem. Peace be with you <3


Much Love - motherlessDaughter as well

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