Mother Earth (Thank you)

   It's hard to describe the peace and safety that I feel in your arms, my roots extending deep into your hearth. Your my mother, my home my world. Even when the world is so noisy I can always return to this place, in this world I am but another faceless speck crawling apon your flesh, but when I'm in your embrace I feel found. I bet you feel lost at times floating in this eternal void, but even you have a part to play on this celestial stage. I am loved and I am you. I don't know how you can bare the burden of our existence and why you don't choose to aradacate us off the face of the earth. Why you don't rid yourself of our hubris sin. I know your not mad, just disappointed. But I hope that me connecting with humanities womb will be enough to tell you that not all of us have departed from your love.


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