Mother Earth


Grass grows year round.

It starts green and it turns brown, as the seasons change.

Dirt becomes mud because of the rain.

Nature can’t be stopped so there’s no one to blame.

God made these changes for a reason; different years, same seasons.

Weather changes, surprise to us all

For we had expectations that continue to fall.

With no control over Mother Nature;

To see her give birth and witness her kids grow.

What the future beholds, what I guess is nothing of what I know!

That tree that stood tall was product of her.

Those branches that grew were a part of me.

When a limb broke I felt that pain.

When I fell short she took the blame.

That leaf that left, I felt that shame.

I watch that tree grow inside of me; I am it and it is me.

Momma warned me about those rainy days and those hot summers.

I can hear the breeze now, “Girl go find some shade, you and these branches getting wild.”

I just blew in the wind, ignoring the breeze.

She told me that branches would break off, and leaves would blow away.

She told me about the storms that would knock me down.

She taught me to depend on my roots.

I started with one then she gave me two more.

Lord they keep me strong.

Those storms that knocked me down could never amount to the strength of my roots.

My roots expanded as my age circled inside.

Every year brings new scars and leave old memories.

I will always grow new branches, just as they will grow new leaves.

But the secret of my life is sometimes new roots are grown.

Nothing alike the originals, but they keep me strong none the less

Momma, I’m still growing and one day I will stand tall.

Still with branches and leaves that break off and blow away,

But the roots will stay along the way.

Always knowing what you taught me.

Roots never leave, they die off.

Always inside the circles and never forgotten, and how I was raised to stand strong.

Mother Earth lessons have been learned and I still have much life to live.

To my roots and Mother Earth

Thank you for all the love you give!


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