Mother (Abc Darien Style)


After every storm ends lo and

Behold the sunshine!

Clouds part

Disappearing into sunlight.

Earth shows you her skin-warming smile again,

Forgiving humans their transgressions.

Giving us another day to roam her crisp oceans, worn down roads and untamable forests.

How can we not show her respect?

Imagine Mother Earth giving up on us; refusing to support our heavy and careless strides.

Just tread upon her daintily with bare feet as if she were a cloud.

Kiss her soil every chance you get.

Learn her ancient rivers and dry deserts alike.

Make time to love your planet.

Never take her spinning dance for granted.

Only treat her kindly and explore the Dartmouth green depths of her terrain.

Practice conscious habits like picking up after yourself and she will continue to

Quench your thirst with waters and grow bread for your mouth.

Remember that mother is old, but she is wise.

Stop exploiting her for greed and sacrificing creatures of your kin for monetary gain.

Try a little more each day to humble yourself and Mother will

Unearth her secrets and treasures unto you.

Vanity curses and shames her seemingly infinite giving spirit.

When was the last time you remembered how small you actually are?

Xenophobia has no permission to exist or dictate our relations so go out and be kind to

Your neighbors, from man, to woman, from black to white, from tiger to butterfly.

Zoom out beyond the spectrum of yourselves, be humble and thankful Mother Earth watches over.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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