A Mother


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All I need
A kiss goodnight
To know I’m loved
It will be all right

Her sweet smile
A mother’s care
Her gentle touch
Brushing my hair

Being young and little
Not having a clue
How to feel
Or what to do

She will tell me
What to wear
How to reach my dreams
And play fair

Teach right from wrong
With just one look
Eyebrows raised
That’s all it took

She gives the best advice
Always by my side
Trying my best
To be her pride

A mother like her
Is so hard to find
Wise and funny
Generous and kind

She did everything right
I hope she can see
A person as passionate
I strive to be

She’s larger than life
As a child I grow
Even when I’m older
She’s still my hero


Jaclyn Inzalaco

Hi, I'm Jaclyn Inzalaco! Thank you for reading :) 

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