Was Born By A 15 Year Old Mother,

Who Grew Very Distant From My Father,

My Mother Tried To Do Everything On Her Own,

And So She Left Me To Raise Myself To Be Grown,

So On Her Own She Faced The Entire World,

Not Knowing She Was Leaving Me Her On Precious Pearl,

So She Left Without Even Saying Goodbye,

Not Knowing The Result Was Leaving Me To Cry,

So She Left And Ran Away,

In Her Friend’s House But On The Couch She Would Lay,

Skipping A Few Years To When She Was Finally Eighteen,

She Fell In Love With A Man She Had Literally Just Seen,

Couple Days Later Already Trying To Make Another Kid,

But She Has Just Made The Worst Mistake She Ever Did,

9 Months Later Getting Older And A Baby Boy Born,

But They Couldn’t Support So Their Whole Plan Was Torn,

But Mother Was Starting To Regret So She Started To Feel The Scorn,

Another Baby Coming And Mother Didn’t Know What To Do,

Who To Blame Just Who?

Skipping Years Later To The Year 2014,

Mother Thinks Time Has Been Going Faster Than She Has Ever Seen,

Mother Has 4 Kids Not Including The Oldest,

Because In Her Eyes I’m A Pest,

One Boy And Three Girls,

To Mother That’s Her Whole World,

Forgetting The Oldest Who Was Forgotten All Of His Life,

His Thoughts Were To Just, “Go Grab The End, And Slice Its Throat With A Knife”


Written By: Alagate


This poem is about: 
My family


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 


Thank you, written as a trilogy 

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