A Mother’s Job


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9 months, 14 hours,
18 years, and more to come.
Kids take time.
It’s a rule of thumb.
180 7-hour days.
Plus training, 4-H, Bowl, and more
Back home late, homework, relax.
Mom has to say, “Don’t forget your chores!”
Dinner’s at 5.
Or is it 6?
Decide what you want
And make it quick!
You work in the day,
And even more at night
To raise a child
The load is not light.
Extra hours at the hospital
Call on weekends.
Put me on your shoulder
For a paycheck to spend.
School is the day
Homework right after.
Trips on weekends
To earn some laughter.
A mother is more
Than one who gives birth.
She’s the hugger, the shoulder,
One who tells of your worth.
My Mom is great
And I love her a lot.
She has a hard job
With stress it is fraught.
I guess with this poem
All I want to say
Is I love you, Mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!


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