The Most Important Search


Over seven billion people in this world searching for a purpose in life.

Over seven billion people seeking worth for so much of their strife.

They want to know there is meaning to all the hard times they endure,

And want to receive rewards for all the resilient work they have conquered.

But purpose is an intricate thing, and will not be found by the faint at heart.

Discovering purpose requires depths of patience and lengths of persistence far.

Often times people too early surrender in their quest for aspiration and reason,

And wind up lost in a sea of distraction and become trapped in a vapid season.

Warning: complacency is purpose's rival and takes many prisoners captive.

To combat this rival, your personal search and desire for intent must always remain active.

When doubt creeps in, hold on to the truth that every life has a purpose and don't let it go.

Learning your purpose pairs with helping others find theirs, so be an encourager in their woe. 

Though discovering purpose is imperative, by no means is it the end of the road for anyone.

Fulfilling and satisfying that purpose is next. So go confidently, inspiring others as you go one by one!


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