Brain scatters into

Million Directions.

Raindrops breaking

Into shafts of lights.

Creating colors, so splendid

It hurts,

Beautiful and clear.


Pushing to live,

But no goal in mind.

One breath after another.

This moment exists,

Before disappearing again;

Eternalizing what’s important.


Grand scheme and little details;

Puzzles, where the pieces

Never fit, but fall right into place,

Affecting everybody and nobody.

Choices are ours,

In what’s already been decided.


Confusion in paradoxes

Making complete sense.

Waiting for it to all unravel

To reveal the hidden truth

So desperately sought for

Waiting inside all along


Chaos attempting order

Natural state of all

Fractals reaching infinity

Surrounding and expansive

Spiraling everywhere

Liberating and suffocating


Hope around the next bend,

Temporarily out of reach

Pot of Gold at the End

Of the Elusive Rainbow

Chasing after shadows,

Turns into miracles

This poem is about: 
Our world


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