Morning prayers


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I wake up in the morning wash my face and brush my teeth.
But before that I thank God for blessing me with this day
and pray real hard that things go a way that will make me better in some way.

Then I think about my daddy
and the doctor telling him diabetes is your illness
and the only help I can give you is a couple milligrams of insulin.

I picture him shooting up his arm before he eats and sleeps
of the cold liquid that keeps giving him bad dreams that won't allow him to sleep.
But daddy can't refuse the med because he wants to to live
so his sugar can't get high or else he could die or slip in to a coma.

But wait let's look my aunt for a second
who weeks ago was diagnosed with breast cancer.
And nowshe's out of work going back and forth to the doctor looking or answers.
That seem to only be huge sonagrams of the same picture over and over again.

And yes Nana had I too
and Nana made it through and
Yes aunties strong so I know she will too.

And yes its true that I'm scared out of my mind
that something will happen to either daddy or auntie
and they are truly something I can't afford to loose
because I need daddy's lectures and auntie comedy to keep me true.
And really I'm afraid for them to die
because like Sam Cooke said I don't know what out there beyond the sky.

So yes I wrote this to clarify that this pink bracelat is on my wrist
so that I hold hope in my heart and clarity in my mind
that my auntie will survive and she will be here in a year
for me to call and sing her happy birthday before she falls asleep.

And this necklace is around my neck
so that I remember my daddy's sweet lullaby's
and know that he will be here tomorrow for me to call him in the evening
and tell him about my day so he can comfort me and say baby it'll be ok.

So as I pray to God and thank him for the day
I pray that my daddy and auntie are here to stay
and the illnesses go away for the rest of their days,
or until the day he comes and takes us all away,
at least then at least will all be together
for the rest of our days.



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