More Than A Stereotype

I’m more than the stereotype that comes along with my skin color
Yes I can speak English and no I will not say something in Spanish for your amusement
No soy tu titere
I'm not your puppet
See what I did there?
It's called irony.
But I won't spend anymore time trying to prove myself to someone who isn't providing for me
I can't help but to be grateful for I am blessed to have sangre Mexicana,

but be as American as your close minded grandpa who says we're all "dangerous foreigners"
And it wasn't surprising to find out he's a Donald Trump supporter
You see even if many Hispanic families live humbly

and make their money honestly in the sweet potato, cucumber and tobacco fields as well as cotton gins and other factories
We are the same in this country when it comes to freedom and our pursuit of happiness according to the constitution your heroes had signed
Which apparently means nothing when money is on the line
You claim we're stealing your jobs but I don't see any of you racing to work in the fields for 7.25
Thanks to these immigrants, MY people, mi jente there's produce in grocery stores and on your dinner tables
There's another thing I'd like to add- these people you want to "go back" came here for the same reasons others have
for the opportunities and chances of a new life and they've risked everything and put it on the line to make something of themselves en la tierra the libertad
In the land of the free
So next time please put yourself in their shoes before you speak and think "What's really the American dream?"


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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