More Than A Shoe

More than a slipper

though they could not see

bibbidi bobbidi boo did not define me


Fairy godmother knew I was more than a shoe

more than the ball, where I fooled them all

more than a maid, though they made me slave


I am not royal by any means

Deep down I did not want to be


Bid a due to the prince

though the shoe fit

Walked down the hall to gather my things

Goodbye Anastasia, Drizella and Lady Tremaine too

I have imporatant things to do


Devoted my life to help children like me 

who lost their parents tragically

With work, I built a castle of my own 

so orphaned children would not be alone


I am fulfilled 

Doing just fine

It does not matter

but yes, the glass slipper was mine


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