More Than A Sacrifice

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 21:58 -- nicksey



It was more than a sacrifice

Do not really know what it was

But when my mom first held me in her arms

It felt like the world was no longer dangerous

I had the world at my feet.


My mom, my dear loving mom,

Left her country, family, and life

For whom?

For me


She nurtured me to become the best that I can

By teaching me that everything in life happens for a reason

She taught me right from wrong

By teaching me simple moral life lessons

For example she taught me that determination is the key to success.


Her eyes so profound

Full of wisdom, strength, and pain

When my mom made her first sacrifice by leaving her family behind

It was the most painful, dreadful, day

A day not mentioned

A day that marked a new life

A new beginning

A new world

And her eyes say it all


Now that I am growing up

Ready to leave her side

I realize that her sacrifice was more than a sacrifice

To become a single mother of three

Who had to bring food to the table everyday

Is a hard task that only fighters can accomplish


I am proud to call her my mother

Because she is like my guiding star that I use for directions

She is like my map for guidance

Because without her I am lost


It was obviously more than a sacrifice

I do not know what it is

But whatever it is, I am thankful for that.




My favorite part of the poem is that I was able to show the a little admiration to the most sweet loving person in the world- my mom.



I enjoyed writing about the most sweetest loving person in the world - my mother.

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