More Than An Idol

Your words are like a blanket
That covers me soft and warm
That whispers reassurances
Like an anchor in the storm.

Other times, your words are arrows
That pierce understanding through my brain.
A profound sentence, a compelling quote--
It hits me like a train.

Your words are more powerful than even I would like to admit
They throw me into fits of laughter and into bouts of tears
But no matter what emotion, they affect me all the same
And so, I've come to turn to you with both my joys and my fears.

They may say what they say, but my love for you is not shallow
For how can love and gratitude be based solely on a face?
No, the emotions I express in many crazy ways
Is all because my love for you is built on a worthy base.

So, my gratitude goes to you, who did the most for me
Who picked me up when I fell down
And told me not to cry.
Who said, “Growing up will give you scars, but scars you’ll wear like a crown."

To my mentor, I thank you, as a single me
But it joins the thanks of a million others, echoes and erupts:
"You are more than just an idol, your songs more than just a melody
Your words have taken me by the hand on this path of growing up."

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