More Than A Conqueror

I sit and see the world pass by,
I will no longer sit and cry,
Wanting the world to just end,
For I found The love,My best friend.

The one will never ever fade,
A greater purpose in which i was made.
For the rest will perish and go away,
My Joy and strength is here to stay.

You cannot crush my soul and mind,
I am more than you think or can define.
Do not limit the things I can do,
I have been molded into something new,

By His might, I have a new passion,
More than what you can Imagine.
I've walked through the valley of the shadow of death,
But not stayed there,making it through trials and tests
I am more than a conqueror, More than you think,
All things are possible for those who believe.
I believe I am mightier thanks to God,
My possibilities are abroad.

I sing a new song that is in me.
I have victory.I am free indeed
I can soar like an eagle now,
I will not give up. I've made that vow.

I am an over-comer no matter what,
God as my strength.No if,and or but.
Always by my side He is always there,
I'm more than a conqueror through all despair.



This poem is powerful to me and I wrote it when I found I had a voice that was powerful and God had my back in any situation that would come at me.


That was amazing! Inspiring! Just what I needed to here today! God is great! You're such a great poet (: Keep it up!

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