More Than


I am more than my hair,

More then my clothes?

Painting my face everyday,

Is it worth it?

Am I worth more than what is on the outside?

All these comments in my head,

I am questioning my self worth.

I must stand strong,

I have to fight it,

I know I am more than that,

I am more than what's on the outside.

I will spread my wing,

I will fly above my looks,

I will reach for the star,

Life is more than looks

We only live once

I can't waste my time on looks

Looks fade away

Character should be my number one concern

Don't be insecure

Embraces my flaws is all I can do

I won't change myself for others

I have to make myself happy

I am more than what you make me

I am only worth what I want myself to be


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