The moral mortgage of mice and this man


Against credo, ethos, and genuine holistic integrity 

   to respond to such an event

as Minnie's or Mickey's, no matter 

   a reluctance arises to don role as "killer" 

tis with only the means and ways to avoid health crisis that i fervent

   lee exterminate existence of other species...

so please no unsolicited mouse a lean nee barbs against this august gent 

tis a marvel to evince the behaviour of rapaciousness, when nary a hint

extant within me - except, at a cross roads arises 

   when vermin take residence asper an unpaid inhabitant

this one mortal mwm loathes to distribute deathly lethal instrument

distribution of d-com doth not make me feel jubilant

   this chap doth newt deny pestilential buggars ought tub beep hoy sinned, 
   and charged with heinous crime such as murder committed by a litigant 
   slapped unfairly suffer being poisoned 

   imposing forfeiture reprisal tomb the tinker-bell tolls

visa vis a role in the realm within flora and fauna not meant

   for humans decreeing vermin lack purposelessness, 

   and must be exterminated

   to own rights qua life, liberty and the pursuit of 
   quietly when staking out an alcove, cupboard, or mauve wainscoting 

   reproduction of species would nonchalant

take place if left to their biological devices 

   this millennial saga of mice and men perhaps noah occident

and no matter what means one approaches pursuant

to rid the house of mice, these creatures reboot toxic tolerance 

   to incorporate schemes quite innovative within floorboards, 

   deep chambers viz zit ting expansive domestic quadrant

this Brie zee, cream cheesy, 

though temporarily dislodged per demise, 

   the recurrent adaptation reverberant

and stupefy supreme survival skill re: 

   by a modus operandi with adaptive qualities salient

ta dum me little nimble, opal and quizzical rodents 
   lacking redolence tubby mammals, though their existence 

   and devil's blue diet tribe curd dish rant

might be diametrically opposed 
   to American ethics committee, who slant 

the bald (also balled), bold, and brazen cordon bleu appearance 

   analogous to a vagrant, unrepentant truant

sans more than one little furry Munster of scurrying critters 

   spur this heir force deputy issues a poisoned search warrant.




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