The sky is dark with pinpoints of light,

the cool spring wind makes me want to take flight,

I look up to the stars with a glint in my eyes,

the moons shine down greatfully.


The morning has come,

I slept none at all,

I stand on this cliff,

the moons are a myth,

I'm moonstruck.


The moons they are here,

the stars are all gone,

but the moons are still there,

why is this happening?


The moons they are falling,

they approach very slowly,

silent and still, you can't hear them roar,

our death is immenant.


I see the moons as they fall to the world,

but one of them stays,

quiet and true,

no more of us remain,

we are moonstruck.


Mrs. H20House

Your writing continues to amaze me! Keep going!!!

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