Moonlit Dance

The rain dancing from the sky paints you in silhouette

We spoke in not so many words but our eyes showed regret.

My heart always beat a little faster in your presence

The radiance of your eyes dancing in rhythm with your essence.

They spoke of all that could’ve been but they never knew what lied within

Our hearts sheltered us from each other’s grace

We never had a name but we always knew the face.

I still remember the night we danced the world stopped spinning the moon entranced

Our eyes never leaving a moment for another thought

A perfection encapsulated in my heart with words unfound though I’ve sought.

Our breath entangled in the air, our weaknesses lay bare

I put my life in you and yours in mine we are not two but one

A night of stars brought forth from the light of the moon

Like angels watching waiting for this love to consume.

Though we are not to be forever I will surely never seek to endeavor

Upon another soul for ours is one that will never come undone

When it comes time to say goodbye I will surely wait forever for you

Through the wind and pouring rain my love forever rings true.

I need not to exist forever for you have given me all that life is worth

Seeking solace from the shadows your light offered rebirth.

Love will keep me but you will hold me as I lean on our years

Forever remembering all the smiles that brought us to tears.


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