Moonlight trickling in my room

Lighting it up, making it shine

Making me look up with weary eyes

To see a beautiful full moon


Creaping down my bunkbed steps

To open the shades more

Inviting the moonlight in


How beautful it was

How lonely the moon must be

Like me…


Staring at the moonlight

Till it fades

Then a great pink sarts to go in the sky


Birds start chirping

Showing the signs

That even the moonlight was gone from last night

All the bad thoughts that filtered in my head

Faded as I started to prep

For a new day


Knowing I watched the moonlight dancing for to long

As it danced in my room

Lighting up the blue

How beautiful it was

Dancing so carefully….


Waking the cat from its sleep

Making a shadow as an owl fly ‘ s by

A fox lets out a little cry for its cubs

As two little yelp follows


The sound of the river soothed all

As the moonlight danced on

Trees rustle by the wind

The cold air blew my hair

Making me shiver slightly


Watching the moon wake the cat, the ever so fat cat

The cats amber eyes shine in the moonlight

Making me glance back, the blackish-blue sky fading

Making me prepare for the one coming day



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