To The Moon and Back


To the Moon and Back

You, rock of regolith, what exactly is your purpose?
You control
The tide is at your command
The night light is at your command
The inspiration of thousands is at your command
But not I
I, human, dare to challenge you
You control the earth, but you cannot control my limits
I plan to wave the flag of my home from your surface
Not to mock you, but to remind us all of who is really in control
I, human, have fired my rocket ships
Apollo 11, be my beanstalk so I may climb beyond the clouds, and beyond the space
They tell me to shoot for the moon, and even if I miss, I land amongst the stars, but I don’t intend to miss
Here I stand, an astronaut, a human, on the landing platform, my sender and beacon to call me back home
I, human, have trudged through your rock face
Leaving traces, trails, and imprinting my foot upon your surface
to say that I was here, walking upon the land you forbade me
I, human, have returned home
Brothers, sisters, peers, fellow human, why don’t you believe me?
I have trekked on lands unknown by other men
I, human, have been doubted
Even through photo crystallization, you do not believe me
The sun has lent my its light via regolith reflection, yet you do not believe it was me in that shadow
The shadow of the pod I created, my vessel, my bean stalk
Even in the light of the sun, you cannot see clearly that I, you, we can defy the limits of the moon.
I human, am like a fallen king
Am like a boy who cried wolf
But I only cried wolf once, so why do you still not believe me?
Fine, doubt me, fellow human
But one day, I will walk again upon the forbidden land
I will bound weightlessly like human kind before me has, and reenact what can only be done upon the surface of the secluded vacuum of regolith


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