to the moon

he lays in her lap as her petal-soft fingers run through his star-ridden curls

he tells her that her freckles could make an entire galaxy

he tells her that her smile is brighter than any star

he tells her that her beauty is greater than a supernova

she chuckles, “youre too sweet, space boy”

she doesnt say that really, hes the one who holds all of those sweet things

she doesnt tell him that his words alone are the galaxies edge

and she doesnt dare say that his light is so bright that he could burn anything that touches him, even though he chooses not to


she does, however, connect the few freckles on his face to make constellations

and she tells him whenever she spots a shooting star glimmering in his hopeful eyes

and even though her flower-focused mind doesnt quite understand him, she still adores him

and she still kisses his cheek when hes sad

and assures him that she loves him

“to the moon and back”

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