A month's recess


United States
42° 27' 43.5204" N, 83° 16' 57.7524" W

A synopsis of intermissions because of a lovely existence
We threaded back to our lineage's tool box
Containing proof of resolutions
As well as a link to a lock
Our evolution must contain repetition
Our memory must be stimulated
Affirmative feelings
And creative meanings
May we go back in time?
To crave our mind's desire
To retire to a question of animosity soon relishing to elation

Even in the midst of a war story
We found glory and an elevated hug
Recognizing our faults and getting rid of an inaccurate thinking drug
Although traces of a drug are found in the present
Through recognition generates notions of lessons
The new objective may come and of course we use the same tool box but as a different muse
Combining the modern and vintage screws as the past present
and future intertwines that would pronounce to civil times
Further assailing towards softly, subtly, ground breaking to a cure.

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