Monsters Through the Window


101 Highway, Arizona
United States

It's too early to care today, yet I'm thrown into the back seat like a bad of potatoes.

The engine starts and the leather interior has transformed into my mattress and pillow

So I began to doze back into the slumber from which I came,

only to wake to the sight of monsters through the window.

The truck may be going highway speed, but these creatures can scale the walls with ease.

They are mighty and dangerous, I know from their sharp claws and giant jaws.

Some can fly, others are sprinters, but they all have heard with us on thsi road of wonders.

Now I begin to fall back into limbo, but with me I bring the monsters through the window.

I do not fret for they cannot enter my convoy, they have been banished to the outside world.

We may migrate through the scorching desert, though I control our magnitude and direction.

I am the alpha male in this pack of beasts, they follow my moves with respect to this red giant.

Now I part from the canyon of the creatures, but I won't lose the monsters through the window.

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