The Monsters

The dark is frightening

And enlightening

Without light

It shows us things we've never seen before

Those monsters we're afraid of

They aren't hiding under the bed or behind the door

They're inside us

The little girl's scared

But it's not the tickle monster

That haunts her

What we're afraid of is something the boogie man

Can't do

But the real monsters can

And, true to our fears,

They live in the dark

In the place where light has left our hearts

Our monsters aren't big and scary

They aren't one-eyed or hairy

They live in disguise

From them, we can't hide

A simple game of hide and seek

And we realize

Our monsters are deceiving

They are menacing

And we're believing


Lies about where monsters hide

They hide in the darkness,

Not under your bed,

But inside the storm

That's brewing in your head

They run through your veins

And see your every step

They haven't just watched

As you've slept

No, they catch you when you're vulnerable and weak

They hear the words you speak,

And with them, they come out

It's hard to put them in a cage

To control their madness and rage

But you can do it

If you put your mind to it

You know your monsters best

You know you best.

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