Monster of Missoula

Do you want to meet a monster?

Then you've come to the right place

Go downtown

Walk North

past Clyde Coffee

Stop in for a coffee if you'd like

it's the best in town

Cross the street and take a right

go into a small garden area

sit for a moment and smell the fresh air

before walking down the dirt hill heading towards the river

Turn left until you're under a concrete bridge

slide down the bank onto a small beach

I wouldn't recommend wearing anything too nice, it's a bit muddy

Sit on a rock on the edge of the river

watch the current for five minutes

letting your gaze relax until your vision is blurry


once your eyes have dried

blink ten times

and throw eight rocks as far as you can into the water

Save the biggest one you can find for last

Then call her name




She's the monster of Missoula

Her pitch black hair, 

violet skin, 

and crimson eyes

are sure to rise from the water

Don't run

Don't scream

Unless you don't want to survive the encounter

She may speak to you

but you won't be able to understand it

for she speaks in a tongue that

is only understood in her realm


She left to find peace

for her home was far to hot

and now she refuses to leave the river

Cooling herself

Ask her why she chose to come here

you won't understand her words, but you'll know

She loves the contradicroty state of this city

the indie mixing with the coorperate

the urban mixing with the farms

No one seems to question why

the city contradicts itself, 

and that makes her happy

She wants to keep it safe from the fires

that her family will soon use

to destroy the world


This poem is about: 
My community


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