The Monster in the Mind


A god damned mess of imperfections that only she can see

It's as if someone took a shotgun to her self confidence and left it full of holes

She knows she is breaking down every second on the inside from

the things that her brain won't stop thinking thinking thinking lying LYING IT'S LYING TO HER...

But she's always been too naaive to know what to believe so she believes everything because

she's always ever been a supporter and a beautiful listener to anyone,

She lets insecurity creep in a little more every time like the cold creeps in November when you

don't  close the door quick enough, it's making her freeze on the inside while she's spewing cold

fumes of hatred on the outside to everyone she meets because she can't tell if their brains are

planning an attack but she'll still tell them they're perfect because they are because... because

they're what she wants to be... 

She spreads herself out too far too fast all the time just to get a smile from anyone who will,

She's a symbol of true humanity, putting everyone else first and only wishing them the best while

she gives herself the worst she hangs all her flaws up on display, strung up all over her body, 

a canvas, a fucking Christmas tree in full colored lights she is beautiful even if her brain doesn't 

see it her eyes can they can see it they can... 

The last question she ever asked her brain is why she needed to prove to it that she was flawless 

as she realized, that her brain wasn't asking for proof, it was begging her to prove it wrong. 



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