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There is a monster that inhabits the Earth.
It started out alone but began to multiply.
It is not gruesome in appearance
But seems to inhabit a different shape with each multiplication.

There are millions of them,
Colored, plain, tall, short, thin, fat,
And then there are those that are unable to be seen,
But we know they are there.

Humans often believe that they are the only species in this land.
Which is true,
Because they are the monsters themselves.
They do things to each other that only monsters do.
They treat each other only in ways that monsters will.
They may all look different in appearance,
But on the inside,
They are all monsters the same.

Those that which cannot be seen, are monsters of human creation.
The media being the most dangerous of them all.
A monster created only to expose the flaws of each other.
But if they are the same,
Why would these monsters want to make known things that they do as well?

Then there are monsters like you and me.
Young, and hoping to change the way we as humans are seen.
We tend to kill, to exploit, and to make fun of those who in hindsight,
Are no different than we are.

But is that not what we were taught to do?
We tend to think that we are different,
But we too are of human creation.
We let this monster who started it all make us what we sought out to destroy.
We are no different.
We are all the same.
We are one monster.
We are human.



So true, yet no one realizes.

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