I'm a monster,

I push so many people away,

That quite honestly I am startled when they stay,

I'm a bad person, 

I struggle so much to show myself I am worth it,

I end up not doing anything else,

And I probably hate you;

Not you as a person but everything you claim to be

because to me and everyone else it's plain to see

You're an actor,

And if your life's a movie mine is a documentary,

True story, not based on a true story,

Absolute truth, none of the fake glory,

None of the happy endings but everything in between,

What am I here for and what does life really mean,

Simple thoughts I think on a daily basis, 

I'd rather be two faced than faceless,

i'd rather be strange, crazed, and deranged than change;

All I have is my word and my name,

And you better stay out of my way because

I have so much drive, that right now,

I might not stay in my lane,

My common refrain,

It's me unchained


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