I'm twisted in the head.

Something close to brain dead.

Pretty much summed it up to all the things that he's said.

The voices in my head won't shut up and won't be quiet.

They're growing louder and louder don't know how to be silent.

I'm mentally shaking.

All the while, I'm sitting here emotionally breaking.

I've tried shutting down and closing myself out.

But he's always stopping me, unmeasurable doubt.

There's this ongoing affliction of pain he's ensuing.

It's my demise, yet his own doing.

 He says,"You''ve fucked everything up, it's your damn fault."

One side of me says, "It's okay. Everything will be fine".

The other sides with him, "Yeah right. She's done it this time."

Then they both start shouting at the top of their lungs.

I tel them, "Shut the fuck up before I rip out your tongues!"

I need to think. I need some damn time to myself.

I can't do this anymore, I think I need some help.

Someone come along and save me please.

Cause this monster I have, is killing me.


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