For a very long time I’ve had a friend named darkness, darkness is always there for me in my darkest moment whispering into my ears telling me that  I am his puppet he is my master. Darkness is  always there to Change my mask everytime it gets broken

When darkness is done with me ,he places in front of a window, this window is where I see this monster copying my very move this monster breaking me inside n out, i coward trying to free myself from this monster trying free myself but luckily I’m able to distract myself for a couple of hours until my friend darkness comes and takes away these distractions 

I finally realized that I can never escape I can hide but darkness will always find me and place in front of the monster who i  soon realized it was me, a disgusting monster who needs to face the true 

i  am the monster behind the window no behind the mirror and darkness is my master who controls me 

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