Thu, 05/22/2014 - 17:51 -- niakaye

Monogamy/ achievable but unreachable/ strived for but at the same time pushed away./ "I love you.... and you, and you, and you"/ cheating and lies interrupt the once-was bliss/ of a fragile/ relationship./ You told me you loved me,/ and you let me down/ my childish dreams of having a prince sweep me off my feet have been shattered/ Every boy that I meet spits the same game, and when it comes down to it they don't want to be blamed/ for their actions./ I've seen so many hurt--/ emotions stomped on to the brink of destruction/ hearts blown up to three times their normal size to allow for the capacity of love/ to share two hearts within one body//and to have that same heart shrunken and broken/ to the point where she thinks she will never find another/ and every other after him will be forced to suffer/ from his stupid mistake./ People mistake relations for relationships/ and lust for love../ Believe that it is okay to share bodies, not thinking that they are leading a circle on a journey to nowhere./ A journey with a beginning and no end is what I want but/ some boys they don't see,/ that that's the way it should be. They just want to up their count,/ and be able to take pride in the prize on their arm.../ Not realizing that their charm could be one to make a girl fall head-over-heels, she trips/ and lands in the arms of a boy who only sees her for her outer appearance---/ he only sees literally what seems not what is or could be./ No deep emotion but her love for him leaves her blinded,// and stuck.


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